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Evidence You Can Acquire From The Vehicle Check Report:

We provide the best vehicle check report sourced directly from DVLA and 3rd party sources that you can use at your discretion, to check details that may provide valuable information to aid your decision considering a vehicle.

We are also offering a free car check report for the Brits to shortlist the vehicles among many. To figure out the best among them, you need a premium package that contains facts such as:

  1. Keepers history
  2. Outstanding finance
  3. Vehicle maintenance
  4. Mileage Anomaly check
  5. Check MOT history
  6. Road Tax check
  7. Certificate of destruction
  8. Police Stolen
  9. Write-off check

More services are included in our premium access, which will deliver you with a ton of specifications and the entire history of the vehicle.

Outstanding finance and police stole vehicles are some cautious threats in the UK. These issues can make you lose your money as well as the motor. It is recommended to examine carefully with a car check report.

Thinking of Buying a Used Car?

Why To Check Car Tax And MOT History?

Check MOT history, as any flaws in the motor would be provided by a caveat from the MOT inspector that may be dangerous which should be fixed before the retest. If it persists, the car should not hit the public roads due to legitimate issues.

The emission rate of CO2 will decide the tax range in the UK. The vehicle without tax is not likely legal on the road, if they found so, you may be fined up to £2500. These factors would make your road tax check to act as an indemnity.

What We Do?

Car check online with Car Analytics that gives you detailed insight about the date in which the vehicle has gone for anMOT check and tax check.

We at Car Analytics give you a stolen check report and in this way giving you peace of mind about the quality of the vehicle before the purchase. “Prevention is better than cure”, why scramble for a used car without checking? Check with us if a car is stolen before you buy it!